How to update "Product Options" in Manage Product Options via API?

We are looking to update the product options >> in our case they are optional dates for various events. We want to tie this in to our Google Calendar which has all events always listed and current. We want to sync the options to our calendar to avoid having to manually keep the two in sync.

Can the API help us achieve this?
Thank you,

There are some new REST hooks that, when an appointment is added, can trigger what code you would write to update Google calendar with:!/REST_Hooks/list_hook_event_types

Hi @Haroun_A, you can query, add, and edit product options using the ProductOption and ProductOptValue tables via XML-RPC. You can find schema details for those tables here.

Thanks, but I am trying to update infusion soft >> product options with our Google calendar events.
In other words, anytime there is an update to our google calendar, the drop down options would be updated to correspond.

Hope this clarifies.

Thank you for your time and assistance.