How to trigger DentmaBridge API's in campaign sequences?

Hi everyone. I’ve built a campaign sequence using an API goal from Dentma Bridge of Treatment Status to pull people into a sequence. So far no one is being pulled into the sequence based on the goal even though I have people that would match the criteria. Any suggestions?

Infusionsoft doesn’t manage that integration. If you know what company does you will probably need to get in touch with them to troubleshoot this. The API goal is completed by calling the rest api with very specific parameters. So we would need to know what the Dentma integration is trying to send us.

Thanks Brad. I’ll reach out to them again to see if they can be of any assistance.

If you find out what API call they are sending and the contents we can help you (or them) out.

The Dentma Bridge will need to call xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal using those values.

Is that something I’m able to check or is it coding they would have built into the integration? I don’t know anything about coding…

It will be in their integration.


Hey @Kristin_Hallowell, to get that API goal working you’ll need to change the Call Name to TSUpdated. The name PMSTreatmentStatus is the name of the custom field that the Dentma Bridge populates.

Thanks Ryan! I actually spoke with a developer at Dentma yesterday and they clarified this as well. I appreciate your response.