API goal, triggering issue?

I have created a campaign with a series of API goals that trigger when you reply “Yes” in a text message. I’ve got the API goal working but in my testing something strange happened.

I had a contact in a sequence with the “yes” API goal attached to it… pretty basic setup. I also have 3 additional sequences and goals similar to the first w/ the same API call. Correct me if I’m wrong but the 1st API goal should only trigger when I reply “yes”. However…ALL 4 API goals triggered even though I was not apart of the attached sequences. They weren’t entry goals and in any other situation (ie. tag, webform, etc.) would not trigger.

Question….is this a bug, known issue w/ AP goals OR did I setup it up wrong? See my setup below. Goal 1 should have only triggered since I was only in the highlighted sequence and the other API goals were NOT entry points.

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What you appear to be running into here is the fact that the other API goals can be met by ‘anyone in the campaign’ meaning, I don’t necessarily have to be in the sequence prior to the goal to achieve it, i just need to be in the campaign itself.

This functionality has always been this way. When you create an initial goal (The tag goals) They are achievable by anyone in the system. Then when you connect a goal to a sequence, by default, it is achievable by anyone that is anywhere in the campaign.

wow! I’m ashamed and embarrassed that I missed that. :frowning_face: Thanks for the reply. can I delete this post now? I don’t want anyone to know I made such a rookie mistake. :slight_smile:

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Haha well…if it isnt… I didn’t even notice it was you when I replied to this post. Ha. :slight_smile: we can pretend you were just testing out the community.