How to retrieve two custom fields like postal code

Hi team, postal code has two separate fields in isoft. How can I retrieve those two fields because it only retuns one value from that two fields?

Super Thanks!

Hi John, if you are requesting the contact from the contact/{contactId} rest endpoint it should return addresses that includ zip_four and zip_code by default. Here is the documentation for that request - Keap REST API

If they are actually custom fields you should be able to make the same request with the addition of ?optional_properties=custom_fields which returns all the customer fields by id. You can get a list of your custom fields via contacts/model to find which ones you may be interested in. Here is the documentation for the custom fields - Keap REST API

@Sterling Hi thanks for your response but we are using legacy to retrieve the contacts, is that possible to get the second field from postal code and phone number?