How to Report Time Between Two Tag Applications

Hello all,

I need to know how to pull a report which will show me all the people who have applied two specific tags so that I might judge the time between the two tags. So for instance:

Tag A- Applied 1/1/17
Tag B- Applied 6/1/17

But I only want to see people who have both tags.

Can anybody help me out?

In the search criteria for contacts you can put both tags in the search box and then set to ALL and it will only show you people with both these tags. Hope that helps.

So, you can use the Tag Applications report, under Marketing>>Reports, which will allow you to report on the date and time that any contacts received a specific tag.

You’ll have to pull that report twice, for the two different tags. Export each of those lists (including contact ID), and then you’d have to use Excel to query against them and find people on both lists, and then the difference between the two dates.

It’s kind of a mess.

I know some tools (Zapier, PlusThis, etc) have built in functionality that can calculate this.


Thanks for that. I appreciate your answer. :wink:

Hhaha, no worries. I know you already had the answer on this one, but I wanted to post it here too just in case it helps someone else!