How to remove postal code using update contact API

Hi Team,

As per the requirement there should be only one address for the contact i.e., either BILLING or SHIPPING or OTHER. In the first instance if user adds BILLING address then if he wants to change it to SHIPPING, BILLING address should be erased and SHIPPING address should be updated.
I am using update contact API(PATCH) method to update the address but the second value in postal code is not getting updated to empty string.
For example if I am having postal code as 12345-6789 I am able to erase 12345 from Keap but 6789 is not getting erased using the update API.

Could you please let me know if there is a way to erase the entire postal code using the API.

Thanks in Advance

This smells a bit buggy. If you don’t mind submitting your request details in a bug case I can have one of our engineers look into this.

In the mean time…If you would like to work around this there is a way! In your PATCH request, instead of providing a postal_code field provide zip_code as well as zip_four. Set both of these to a blank space (not empty or this wont work). This will set both of your specified fields (as well as postal) to a blank space.