HELP - I keep getting Billing address code invalid

The contact could not be sent to Keap.
The app returned “BILLING Country Code is invalid”.
I’m in England and tried all combinations I can find to no avail - It would help if it gave us a clue on the format it’s looking for.

I can’t understand this issue I’ve tried all combinations GB UK GBR UKM 3166 3166-1 3166-2 ISO 3166-1
ISO 3166-2 and 862 - None have worked, and I’m losing patience. This was supposed to be an easy thing to do, and the form just won’t let me past!

Did you try spelling out United Kingdom?


I have now, and that failed too.
I have however by fluke solved it, so it seems it had dropped into line 2 so wasn’t registering. The code that works, and it’s looking for is GBR :slight_smile: Few it was getting frustrating.