How to redirect a pop-up to another "thank you" pop-up?

We’re trying to add a lead capture pop-up to our website, and after submission we’d prefer to have a “thank you” pop-up as opposed to redirecting to a “thank you” landing page. Does anyone have any experience with this in Infusionsoft.

We’re at a loss for what to enter as the the “web address url”. Currently, the pop-up is working, but after submitting an email the pop-up is just going blank. Contacts are funneling to the campaign properly though.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you have no content provided for the resulting thank you page so I’m thinking that if you use the webform or landing page builder to create a separate thank you page and then provide the url for that then it would show.

Thanks for the reply, John! We have a designed “thank you” pop-up. The hope is to not have to use a thank you landing page, so people can just X out of the pop-up after submitting and continue browsing our site where they were.

Does that make more sense?

So if the popup remains but is blank, it’s because nothing is pointed to by the url. My thinking is that a thank you page url would place that content into the popup that is showing blank. This can be a web page designed on your website, a webform in IS or a landing page made to be a thank you page.

Ok, that makes sense. So build a landing page so to speak but just have it populate within the thank you popup.

I appreciate the feedback. I’ll pass that along to my web team.