How to prevent tasks from being created on a weekend?

I am building my first sales campaign. I’ve got being created, but need to figure out how to prevent newly created tasks from following directions and being created on a weekend. If I say ‘wait one day to create task’ and that one day falls on a Saturday or Sunday; I need the system to know to move the newly created task over to Monday.

Is there a weekend exception box that needs to be checked that I’m not noticing, or a work around?

Check out this plugin which does just that, $1 per month.

|avoid|No|a comma separated list of days to avoid, like “all_holidays, weekends, mondays”. Available values (in any combination) are:

  • mondays
  • tuesdays
  • wednesdays
  • thursdays
  • fridays
  • saturdays
  • sundays
  • weekends
  • weekdays
  • all_holidays
  • new_years_day
  • martin_luther_king_day
  • presidents_day
  • good_friday
  • easter
  • memorial_day
  • independence_day
  • columbus_day
  • veterans_day
  • thanksgiving
  • christmas_eve
  • christmas
  • new_years_eve"|
    | — | — |

You can put a Delay Timer in front of the task being created and set it for ‘no delay’ but then in the middle config section you can set specifically which days you want that timer to run. So if only weekdays, you can choose weekdays, or choose ‘day of the week’ and specifically select the days you want.

Thank you Jeff. I think that got it.


Thank you. I’ll keep this in mind. Jeff Arnold had an idea that is free. If his idea doesn’t do what I’m expecting it to, I’ll come back to your response. I do appreciate your time.