How to manage latitude and longitude for contact/company?

I am using your api (REST and XML-RPC) to communicate between my website and Infusion. I would like to get latitude and longitude from above api and store at my end. I had a look at the available table schema Table Schema Documentation - Keap Developer Portal but did not find relevant fields.

Can I know if there are any other fields which hold these data? If not, can this be done using custom fields considering these data should be calculated automatically based upon contact’s address.


You will have to use custom fields to store lat/long and the api is specific to Infusionsoft. Other 3rd party services are up to you to manage both in use and in information as Infusionsoft does not include geolocation services. That might be something Google can be of some help with as they have free tools to do that with. You could then store the resultant values in custom fields in Infusionsoft.

I’ve implemented the GeoIP by Maxmind API for clients - it is relatively easy to set up and configure for your site, and then you can push IP as well as city and state data (guessed - this is not a 100% accurate science) into hidden fields on your forms. If you need help the guys (this is one of my companies, just for the record) can do a setup for you - you can get a quote at, although if you are already configuring Infusionsoft’s API, getting the Maxmind API to work for you should be easy.

Thanks for your input. I already have the lat/long details using Google API at my end. So I will create the custom fields and use them to store these details.