How to Integrate Quickbooks Online with Keap or Infusion?

Does anyone know how to integrate QuickBooks Online with Infusionsoft (Keap)?

I noticed that QuickBooks Pro 2019 seems to have an integration, but I would prefer the cloud based program.

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I would recommend Zapier because it not only interfaces with QuickBooks but a thousand+ other systems.

Thank you

Sean Robertson, managing partner

I believe that Data2CRM has a QB to IS option

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Has anyone had success using Zapier to both connect the contact record to QuickBooks Online so it shows as a new customer in QuickBooks and then also have any new invoices for that new contact actually go into the newly created customer record in QuickBooks? I see I can sync invoices over easily from a subscription, but all customers have to be names something generic in QBO like “infusionsoft customer”. Then I have to manually change the customer name on the invoice to a different customer name for each invoice that gets sync’d into QuicKbooks…? Any one know how to get around this? If it is only possible to syn the invoices well then I guess that’s all I can do but wondering if there’s a way to get the customer and invoice in there so they match…

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I reached out to Data2CRM and spoke to a rep called Irene, who said that they don’t connect to QuickBooks only HubSpot

Irene Staroverova| 9:36 AM


Hi, Andria!

Thank you for the question and explanation of your requirements!

Unfortunately, we cannot integrate with InfustionSoft. We can build integration with HubSpot only.

With Infusionsoft we’ll be able to investigate ine0time data migration, but as I see that is not you’re interested in.

Please let me know if you’ll have any other questions.


Thank you for this repsonse in another thread, I’ll check the Workato app!


Workato has a QBO integration you can find on the marketplace

yes, there’s a much easier way.

Start by adding/updating the contact from IS to QBO using Zapier.
When you do that, you can “lookup” the customer inside of QBO from IS and then find the unique customer ID
From there you can add the invoice to QBO by matching the customer ID.