How to get a list of all links clicked?

It looks like for click-thru rates, we are able to see unique and all clicks. But for reporting, we can only see the first link clicked by the user. How do I get a report of all links clicked by all users?


Not in front of my computer, so can’t answer the ‘which report shows all clicks’, but for the ‘first click’, you would need to do something like this.

Create a campaign.

In that campaign, set up a Tag Application goal for every possible link someone could click. Inside a sequence after each of the tag application goals, you set up a ’set field value’ and set the field value for a new custom field you create (First Link Click) to be the value that reflects that link. Set it for ‘do not overwrite’ the value — that way, the first time it is set is the first link click and it will never be overwritten by future link clicks.

Then, when you are sending out emails, tag each link and make sure there is an associated Tag Application for that particular tag.



Thanks Jeff. Much appreciated. I am interested in the ability to export a report that lists all links clicked by all users.

Brian, up until a few weeks ago, the Broadcast report DID show all links that every contact clicked. So you could sort your list by contact name, and see that “Joe” had clicked the first link in your broadcast, and also clicked the fifth link. This was super helpful when you have links in your broadcasts that went to different blog posts, for example. (Or you wanted to test whether they would click more often on a text link versus a button link.)

Recently, Infusionsoft has moved to display “first click” only, which is awful for someone link me who relied upon knowing not just the first link clicked but ALL links clicked (and not have to go, one by one to each contact, to see which ones they clicked).

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Agreed that this is awful and I’ve tried to find a work around since, but haven’t been able to find anything. Two of our monthly newsletters run through the Email Broadcasts. We have multiple ads inside and our advertisers should be able to get accurate reporting from us on how they turned out. Instead, they get only how many people clicked their link first.