How to get a contact form on my website that links to Keap Pro?

Good Day,

I was trying to put the contact form Keap Pro on my website and having a lot of issues trying to do so.

First off the form is so basic that it seems to limit the power of Keap Automation.
Second, they show how to make it work with Facebook and Instagram but not how to embed it into a web page. see here:
Third, you only get one form and the only customizable thing is the company name and logo. I would like to have several different forms.

Fourth and to the question on our website I would like to have a contact form that works with Keap Pro and can add in a contact and start a “welcome/ how can we help” Campaign. Do you have any recommendations? The Site is on Wordpress running Divi theme.

I do have a Zapier account if you know of something that will connect.

Thank you for your ideas!