Webform contact sent but not showing up in Keap

I have a Wordpress website and created a simple 4 field Web form with Formidable. I also installed the plugin WP Contact Form Infusionsoft I went to my webform page on my website and created 2 test entries on the webform. Both are showing up in Formidable./Entries.

In Wordpress I see Infusionsoft on the left, I clicked on it and I filled out Infusionsoft Accounts, Infusionsoft Feeds, and when I go to Infusionsoft Log, it shows Feed#1 has successfully “added to contact” It appears it has successfully sent to Keap, yet if I go to Keap Dashboard, the usage stats show Contacts captured by web forms as 0.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place on Keap. I have a large email list, I thought the contact would show up there. Do I need to enable something in Keap? I apologize that I’m a newbie with Keap.