How to export to an Excel Spreadsheet

Can someone please tell me how I export to an Excel Spreadsheet?


Assuming you wish to export a contact list, click the ‘actions’ button and export. This will allow you to select the fields you wish to include. The result of this process is a csv file that excel can use in a worksheet.

Hi Barbara,

First, go to Contacts and search for the contacts you want to export, or just hit search to choose them all.

Then go to Actions (top let menu) and choose Export.

Then you’ll get a screen where you can (my number is per the picture below, not the numbering in the actual webpage)

  1. Choose the fields you want to export
  2. Choose the format (you can choose CSV or Excel)
  3. Decide if you want to download immediately or have it emailed. Unless you have 5,000 or more records and immediate download is probably easiest - if your data set is huge, you may want to email it to avoid a timeout.
  4. You can save the search settings so if you are going to export regularly you can.

Then hit Process and you have it.

Looks like this:

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