Is it possible to export data to Excel

Is it possible to export data to excel?

if you do a search for contacts, above the list on the top left is a checkbox.
Check that — will select all contacts.
Then, use the ‘actions’ dropdown
Choose ‘export’ and you can export to CSV or XLS.


I did a search in view orders and there are two ‘action’ dropdowns neither of which shows any export options.

Ah … you never said ‘orders’ … you only said ’data’
My instructions were for Contact export.

When I got to ‘orders - view orders’ and click search, it brings up all my orders.
I can follow the same process.
My dropdown shows this:

If you don’t see all those options, check to see if you have ‘admin’ capabilities. It is possible your User Permissions don’t allow you to export anything.