How to Do a Radius Search of Contacts

We do events across the country and so need to be able to search contact records by who lives in a certain mile radius. For example, if we’re going to Houston, TX and want to email everyone in our database within X number of miles of Houston. Is there a way to do that in Infusionsoft?

There wouldn’t be a native way to do this, as the search criteria is based on field data, present in the system: zip, state, city, ect. It doesn’t tie this data to any sort of location database, but there may be a solution through a 3rd party plug-in that could pull data from the software and run it against this style of database, and then possibly tag appropriate contacts who meet the criteria. Off hand, I have not ran across a specific solution for this, but this is a really good question.

I remember someone posting in the old forum of a manual way of transferring data from Infusionsoft into Google Maps which then produced a map of the locations.

There was something called Maps Fusion that would have helped you, but it seems to be non-existent now.
Wonder if anyone knows what happened? MapsFusion™ Video - Map Infusionsoft Contacts on a Google Map on Vimeo

I have something that can produce a map of the Contact Addresses, but it does not have any radius searching. Also I cannot guarantee on the accuracy of the locations. It has to use a Geocoder to reverse the Address into Coordinates, but it is not always accurate.

I’ll take a look in the old forum when I get back in the office this afternoon and see what I can dig up.

I did this for a client about 10-years ago. His was for a specific city, so we exported all contacts that listed Ohio as the state & sent the file to MelissaData who did a geo look-up on it and sent the list back with GeoCodes that could be plotted on a map. My contact over there is James Benudiz ( & he’s been there for years. He should be able to recommend something that will help you.

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Joey Novak made a tool for this. Check out the geographical areas tool


Martin, you have just made my day. Thank you for this!
(and thanks to everyone else for your input and help as well!) :slight_smile:

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Hello Infusionsoft community !

Do you know a way to sync infusionsoft contacts with Google Maps ?

My goal is to show all contacts location on a map :slight_smile:

Thank you so much,


Don’t know directly but I do know it’s been done by @Pav with his XTendIn plugin

Hi Vincent,

There is a couple of ways you can do this.

Greg Jenkins has made this video on transferring data from Infusionsoft to Google Maps.

XtendIn ( has the ability to embed a map within Infusionsoft which runs off the Contacts Saved Searches. It uses the Mapbox Service (not Google) for the Maps, and requires a little bit of setup to make it work.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Denise,

You can easily do a radius search of contacts by installing Mapsly which is an extension available on Keap Marketplace. You can filter records by direct distance or by drive distance/time.