I am trying to find an app that integrates with IS that will: Create a heat map based on distance to a fixed point/address, create a tag for every contact within that distance then allow me to send a SMS or email (PlusThis) to them

I’ve found a way to export (to SmartSheets) and create the heat map. The hold up is getting a cluster of contacts near a fixed point (like a post office) and tagging them so I can SMS via PlusThis. Secondly, Zip Codes don’t work because in TX the ZipCode may be 100’s of miles across, and I am looking (ideally) for a variable that I can control (1 mile, 5 miles, 20 miles, etc)

Hey Robin,

What you are looking for is a GeoCoding tool. I’m not aware of anyone offering an off-the-shelf Infusionsoft-enabled solution for this, but NovakSolutions (that’s me) can offer this as a custom service. We have a back-end app in our arsenal that lets you view all of your contacts on a map and tag them based on distance from a point or just tag everyone in the current map view. You won’t find this on our website or in the marketplace, but we can set it up for you If you’re interested and work with you to make sure it does what you need.
If you’re interested, just email us - support@novaksolutions.com

Do you have a sample video for this? Or write up?

As I mentioned, it’s not a tool that we’ve polished up for the marketplace, so we don’t have any materials on it but we can build it out to do what you need pretty quickly. I put together a screencast showing what it can do right now - I’ll send that to you in a PM. (If anyone else is interested in it, just email support@novaksolutions.com)

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Possibly using Zapier integrated with Google Sheets.

Google Sheets has a Map Add In that will give you the distance etc…

Not sure about the other requests - But I’m leaning toward a big maybe!

Thank you! I was actually just looking at that and Smartsheet. :slight_smile:

The things Zapier can do is absolutely amazing!!!

Same with Google Add Ins – The possibilities are just about endless!

If only they could do my InfusionSoft Invoices!! LOL


Speaking of – DOES ANYONE know if there is an App that integrates with InfusionSoft that I
COULD run my invoices through?

Check the Quickbooks App. I know it does invoices, and our CFO insisted on using it. But Our CFO is a dinosaur and it wouldn’t surprise me if he and his bookkeeper was doing it manually.

I handle the InfusionSoft and the transfer of sales data to QB, but for financial integrity I only get into QB when the data stream fails. Hasn’t failed since we finally got it operating about 3 years ago.

Thanks Robin but we’re the only company on the East coast that doesn’t use

Hi Robin,

I suggest checking Mapsly as it seems like it can address most, if not all of your concerns. This app is available on Keap marketplace and there is a 14-day free trial, so feel free to give it a shot.

With Mapsly you can:

  • Calculate distance to a fixed/dynamic point and auto-save this distance to your contacts in IS
  • Create tags for your contacts based on distance or any other criteria
  • Send SMS/Email to them by setting up workflows/scheduled tasks
  • Build heatmaps based on a value (in your case distance to a fixed point)