How often does the Custom Statistics Widget Refresh/Update?

Does anyone know what the refresh rate is for the Custom Statistics widgets? Once a day, once every few hours?

Once I log in to Keap Max Classic, there are numbers displayed in my widgets, but simply reloading the page does not refresh the widgets.

I have a lot of widgets, so I don’t want to manually refresh each one. I even logged out, logged back in, and they didn’t refresh.


The custom statistics widgets are made up of saved searches or reports - all of which are updated in real time.

The widgets themselves do not auto-update when they are opened — meaning that if you are sitting on your dashboard and something changes, the dashboard does not change. You would need to refresh the individual dashboard.

However, if you refresh the entire page, your dashboard items should refresh.


Thanks for the quick response, Jeff.

Refreshing the entire page doesn’t work every time. It only seems to work if a few hours have passed since I last refreshed it.

So the widgets never auto-update?