Dashboard widgets more options

It would be great if the contacts tag dashboard widget had more date options such as;

“in the last 7 days”
“in the last calendar month”,
“This calendar month”


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Hi @Greg_Smith,

You can setup saved searches for these metrics and then use the custom statistics widget to provide totals for those details.

Thanks John,

Wouldn’t you have to update the date each time you viewed that widget though?

Hi @Greg_Smith,

No. A saved search saves parameters, not data. So each time it’s used it calls the search using the same parameters on whatever data is current.

I believe this is only partially correct. There is not a date parameter for “Last month”. I spend close to an hour at the beginning of every month manually updating the date parameters on my dashboard widgets. For purposes of month-end closing/reconciliation, it would be great if there was a “last month” date parameter!!