Grouping search results automatically

Someone on our team created a saved report and a widget to display those results. We want one that is similar, but the team member cannot remember how they achieved what we want.

Also, it appears that the report runs automatically each month and appears in the widget without any interaction from the team member - again, they cannot recall how they set it up. I’ve looked at all the settings in an attempt to reverse-engineer it, but I’m stumped.

This is what is in the existing report that I want to replicate in my new search and widget:


The dashboard would be the custom statistics widget, which can take any saved search report field and add, average, sum etc to give you totals like you have there. What specifically are you needing to change on the report if it’s running automatically for you?

I am attempting to duplicate features of an existing report and widget that no one remembers how it was set up. I need to know how to get the results to display like the original report and I need to know how to get it to run automatically.

It might help if you could take a snapshot of the report you’re looking to modify or duplicate?

The screenshots I provided are of what I am trying to replicate