How do I stop new lead email?

We have a public web form that we use at shows and events that integrates our new leads in Salesforce. We’re using email parcer to accomplish this because we use a lot of custom fields that this method integrates the most fields (more than a direct integration with zapier).

I have a custom email that goes to zapier with the information that I need and the problem comes when the default email comes to notify you have a new lead titles “You just got a new lead!” comes and throws off my email parcer. My question is, how do I stop that default email from coming through to that same email address? I only need my custom email going through, not the other.

I hope I’m explaining this clearly, any guidance would be appreciated!

Go to your web form.
There is a setting in there that says “email me when someone completes this form”
Turn that setting off and I should stop that auto-message.