New lead is tagged, need to send email to contact record owner, time limit. Can this work?

Hi there,

I’ve hit a wall trying to figure out this problem.

I’m trying to create a way that a new lead that has been created within the last three days will trigger an email that is sent to the leads assigned record owner (based off a custom field).

The leads are promptly and automatically assigned an ‘owner’. I need to be able to have an email triggered off that action to the ‘owner’ alerting them that a lead has been assigned to them. These alerts also need to be limited to leads that are created within the last three days for that owner.

I’ve looked at action sets and zapier integrations, but nothing seems to be clicking for how to set this up. Is it possible?

Here is a quick video. Hope this answers your question:




Thank you so much Jeff! Upon touching base with my co-worker I found that that is very similar to what we currently have set up - when the new lead tag is applied, assign owner and then send owner the notification.

I just now need to differentiate when the new lead tag is assigned to a totally new lead vs a lead that has been in the system for more than 3 days. Hah!

Try this:


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YES! That will work!

I can’t thank you enough. Seriously.

No problem.
Hit me up if you ever need more advanced consulting … that’s what we do!


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Will do, thanks again!