How do I set up a notification for when a tagged lead is added?

We have set up campaign involving a leadpages landing page. When the leads are exported into Infusionsoft we have set them up to come in with a lead tag. How can we set up a notification for when a lead enters the CRM with this tag?

  1. Navigate to Marketing >> Campaign Builder

  2. Add a new campaign.

  3. Add a Tag Goal to the canvas and configure it to listen for the tag you’re using with LeadPages.

  4. Add a sequence AFTER the tag goal, and connect the tag goal to the sequence.

  5. Double click to open the sequence.

  6. Add an “Apply Note” widget inside the sequence.

  7. Configure the Apply Note widget in the sequence (step 7 is how you will notify a user), and mark as ready.

  8. Mark Sequence as ready.

  9. Return to campaign canvas, and publish campaign.

Hope this helps, good luck!