How do I retrieve Product image via the Infusiosoft API?

I have created an application that needs to list products. I have the products listed, but I do not see in the API where to obtain the Product image. Does anyone know how I can retrieve the Product image via the Infusionsoft API?

Hi, @Advisor_Admin,

So I never had a project that had to worry about the image so I’d never really noticed, but you are correct, that there isn’t a reference for the image on the product level.

Even more interestingly, the product category DOES have an image field (blob).

This may mean that the only way to have ‘access’ to an image for a product is to setup individual categories for each product and then reference it that way.

I know that’s a bit hokey but as you’ve correctly observed, there just doesn’t seem to be an entry for the actual product image itself.

I would think this to be less strange if the category didn’t have an image entry either BUT that’s not the case :roll_eyes:

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Well, my solution for now is to add products via API. I’ll upload the product image via the API and store a copy of the image locally (local db or file folder). My app will use the locally store product image. For products already created, I’ll reupload product image using the same method, but via an edit product interface that allows me to change the product image. Then, that product will use the local copy of the product image.

I think this will suffice.

Thanks @John_Borelli for looking into this.

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