How do I make an auto login?

Hi all!

How can I make the username and password passed over from infusionsoft to the website to create an auto-login experience for the user?

We have tried this string using the merged contact’s information:

So, what happens is it will look like so:

Once it’s loading… the @ sign in the email address part of that URL turns into %40 – and when that happens… of course, the website won’t log the person in because the credentials are wrong.

Need your expertise on this one. Thank you in advance!

[NOTE: The website name, email address, password, and contact key changed for security purposes.]


Someone from Memberium reached out via an Infusionsoft FB Group. And, since we were using Memberium they were able to fix the link that we were initially trying out.

Here is the full link that was used:

And here is the documentation to the fix:

Hope this helps others, too.

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