How can we get a last email clicked date based on tag(s)?

We’ve been asked to provide a date for the last emailed clicked by a certain group of customers. They all have lifetime memberships and are designated as such by using membership tags for each product.

What we need is something like:

[[email address]] [[membership tag]] [[date of last clicked email]]

I’ve searched through the various marketing email reports and have even tried to run contact searches on this to no avail. In the contact search I can set to “last emailed” value to show in the columns but it is not included in the export file. Moreover, I actually need the date of the last click on any email, though I may be able to convince the requestors that “last emailed” is the best they’ll get.

Is this data even available?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


I’ll check what we can do with ‘default’ reports, but we can create a report for you if I can’t find a default report that gives us what we need.


Thanks @Jeff_Arnold I’ll reach out to you directly on this.