How Can I Turn Off the "Recommended Videos" at the End of a Youtube Video?

I am preparing an email to send out. I am thinking of including a youtube video in the message using the snippet provided by Infusionsoft.

However, when I test the email and watch the video, it displays “recommended videos” at the end, which lead the viewer to who knows where.

Is there a way to turn those videos off and avoid that scenario?

Been a while since I looked, but I believe there are advanced options in the embed/share area on the YouTube video, when you are originally grabbing your code. You should be able to control this and turn of recommended videos before grabbing the embed code

Oh, you mean for embedding the video? I was just using the ready-made “snippet” in infusionsofts email builder… It only asks for a url link, something like - YouTube . Maybe I should try an actual embed, you think?

With that snippet, @Josh_Glenn, you’re only able to add the YouTube URL. You’re not able to embed a video to play in an email because most email providers won’t allow/render it. If you really want to control the viewing experience, what we do is embed it on a page on our Wordpress site so that you can control the embed code and then using an image of the video screen w/a link right to the page on your website.

It’s a win-win because you get traffic to your site and the YouTube number of views increase when played.


Thanks Cheryl. I’ll try that. Sounds like a good solution.

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at the end of the embed code for the video add “?rel=0” and it won’t offer anything when the video is over.

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Ah, yes. But I’m not embedding the video. I was just linking to it. I think Cheryl’s solution suits my needs the best: create a dedicated video page and it have the video embedded with the ?rel=0 parameter. Thanks!

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Glad it helped, @Josh_Glenn!

Doesn’t matter how you get to the video. If you’re linking to it then at the end of the link add the same and it will work…just fyi :wink: