How Can I send emails by a sequence when my contacts fill in a form?

I have a form and when people fill that form, I add them to a sequence in this sequence I have added 5 emails and I see some important emails are not sent to the contacts. it says

“There is no evidence that this person has consented to receive marketing.”

the screenshot is:

What should I do to send my contacts to all my emails of my sequence?

any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

Those contacts are likely not opted in. If you’re using an Infusionsoft webform then that should happen automatically. But if you’re using an outside form (say wordpress) and a plugin or other tools to talk to IS then it just may not be that it’s setup to handle assigning the optin.

If you are using an Infusionsoft form then you’ll want to contact support to find out why the optin isn’t happening.