How Can I Retrieve A List of Contacts with Specific Tag and Date Applied?

Using the API, I was able to retrieve a list of contacts with a specific tag (using this: Keap REST API) but I want to be able to filter these results to only return a list of contacts that had that tag applied on a specific date.

For example, in Keap’s marketing reports > tag applications, it is possible to do this search by selecting the specific tag and the specific date the tag was applied to the contacts, is it possible to achieve the same result using the Keap API?

Hey Cindy!

I’m not an API expert, but this may help. We use a third-party dashboard (BI) solution and have connected to Keap’s REST API to pull in all kinds of data for building reporting dashboards. As you mentioned in your example, I think the step you’re missing is to pull that report (marketing reports > tag applications) and SAVE it to your saved reports. Then the report will have a specific ID that you can call via the API.

Hope that helps!

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Hey thanks Brody,

That solution would definitely work for us, but I am having issues figuring out how I can pull a specific saved report via the REST API as I don’t see that function listed in the Keap REST API docs