How can I relate an email to a campaign sequence?

As far as I can see, there is nowhere that says that this email_sent_id is invoked by a campaign_id or a sequence_id.

This information can be inferred if the email’s batch_id is 0 and then you relate the timestamp of a step recipient (from a Keap report) to the timestamp of sending the email, but this can be as large as 6 minutes apart during peak times! It’s very unreliable!

Is there any way to find concrete relationships between an email that’s sent out by Keap and a campaign/sequence??

The campaign goal completion report and the sequence step recipient reports can help but identifying emails will require you to have the labels named something unique (ie not the default ‘send email’ or whatever it’s called because then you won’t be able to tell which is which).

I’m not seeing anything useful with the Campaign Goal Completion report, but I do currently use the Sequence Step Recipient report, but as you suggested labeling the Email’s step as something unique, how would I tell that an email is related to this specific step?

Using naming conventions to include that information.

Are you saying to use naming conventions in an email (maybe the subject line or body) to match it to a sequence? Because if I used naming conventions on step labels, it is still disconnected from the emails that it sends.

In the description on the icon use the subject line for the email and/or the name of your campaign/sequence…it will be long but it will show up in your reports