How can I add a country dropdown menu to my form

How can I add a country dropdown menu to my form? I can add “Country”, but then the prospect needs to add it in manually. I am thinking they may just put crazy digits in to get thru the form. A dropdown may make it easier. Thank you. Gary

I think the best thing to do would be to just create a ‘dropdown’ custom field instead. As far as I know you can’t edit the existing fields’ types so it will always remain a free text field.

It may be a little annoying when it comes to quickly going to check their address but it’ll make queries and searches based on Country a lot more accurate since they’re choosing from a pre-defined list of values.


Thank you. I think I just figured out what to do. I used the Shipping Country Address in the form. That should work. It has the dropdown with countries built in. Thank you so much for your efforts. Be blessed.