United States either a default or at top of country drop down list

Can’t figure out if there is a way to place the United States at the top of the country drop down list when inputting a contact’s info. Inefficient to scroll to the bottom of the country list. Is there a way to auto default? Put it at the top of country list? Or just leave it blank unless not a U.S. address? What do folks do? Only been using the program for approx 6 wks. Thx!

I’ve had clients have me write some Javascript the resorted this. There isn’t an option in IS to do it natively though

Thx, John - have noticed a few things in IS that could be more streamlined; improvements in user interface & basic functionality - coming from a “user” perspective anyway. I’m not a developer/programmer, but seems often times developers aren’t always cognizant of the end user experience (or else there’s some specific reason this functionality simply can’t be incorporated or improved upon). Thx again.

Correct, developers rarely see the end user experience. This is why there are project managers etc lol

Devs are best when someone can say, this is what I need that to do…make it happen.

Project managers are best at saying this is what we need (in whatever language the dev needs to hear it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

:+1:t2: I hear ya! Thx.