International Dialling Code Prefix Dropdown on Phone Number fields for Web and Order Forms?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it is possible (or seen) to add an International Dialling Code Prefix Dropdown for the Phone Number fields on the Keap Max Classic Web and Order Forms?

The idea is that is to allow the person to select the dialling code via the dropdown instead of having to manually type it in. In addition it should be able to default to the country they are currently in.

For example: { USA +1 ] [ 555 123 4567 ]

I looked at Spiffy but that does not change anything in regards to the Phone Number field.

@Andy_Wroe / @Jeff_Arnold - Have you seen anything like this before? Any suggestions?

I have not see that before. Honestly, I don’t try any customization to Web Forms at all.
I do almost all of my data collection via Gravity Forms on WordPress websites due to having virtually unlimited flexibility and control over them and easy integration via Make.


Doesn’t exist, had a client asking the same, no joy :frowning:
If you find a solution I’m all ears!