How can contacts upload their own files for us to see on their contact profile?

We are an education company in which we offer online trainings. One of our new offerings will be a training where the attendee is “certified” afterwards. Creating a campaign in which someone with a “certified” tag will get a reminder to recertify after so long won’t be so hard, I am looking for how to add something into the email where the user can pay for the recertification, as well as upload documents for us to see (such as continuing education certificates) that would be added to their Keap contact profile. I found this: Keap Campaigns but the instructions are vague and make no sense. Any ideas on how to get files from a contact uploaded without us having to manually do it?

That is a campaign that is available from PlusThis. They have a tool called File Box Uploader that you can use to accomplish the upload piece.

If you were looking for something more robust, like having files uploaded that go to a Dropbox/Google Drive, renamed in the client name, etc., we could help you build something like that, but if simple upload is all you need the File Box Uploader is a good choice. Email me if interested in discussing the more robust version (