Hide Contact or Company fields to my team-mates

Hi, I wonder if there’s a way to hide some fields (either on contact sheets or company sheets) to the people working for me. This is because we have many empty and useless field (such as SSN) that I would like to hide to ease the use of Infusionsoft.

Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to edit/configure the default fields that are showing. They’ve done that in the new UI, but no features like that in Classic.



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Thanks for the reply!
Is there a plan to migrate users with “classic” app to the new one?
In different words: how can I get the new software?

There will likely never be any automated migration from classic to new - we consider them two separate products serving different markets. You can, however, call into Support and request that your app be switched over. The 2 systems are not in feature parity, so you will lose some features and gain some features. https://new-infusionsoft.knowledgeowl.com/help/switching-between-classic-and-new-infusionsoft

Also, keep in mind that the way new Infusionsoft works is that contact records will only show fields that contain data…otherwise they are hidden.