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How to get prospects to go on your website and order what they want?

Hi Tina. Can you be a little more descriptive in terms of what you are looking to do? Are you asking about marketing to your prospects, to get them to go to your site, or are you asking how to integrate your cart with your website?

If you can share a little more details, The Community may be able to assist with some information.

Hi @Tina_Stewart,

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re asking about lead generation. Infusionsoft has a number of blogs on this subject that cover a variety of options:

My favorite in this one is the gating video content. It has been estimated that by 2020 video content will be responsible for nearly 80% of all lead generation. Other articles/blogs you might check out are:

There’s a process and it begins with asking yourself, what pain/problem are you able to solve for others. Then how can you reach that market? (fb, email, click ads, event followups etc). Then how should your message to them tell them you provide value and finally, a simple, one click option for saying ‘yes’ (think landing page with single CTA).