Help setting up Standard Operating Procedure

Hello all,
A short background, I’m a very small service based business (myself, my sister, one full time and one part time employee).

Been trying to back myself away from the actual labor part of things so i can help grow the business, blah blah blah I’m sure you get the idea lol.

So, I’m needing help setting up a standard operating procedure for my leads/customers. A list of what I should do when i receive an email, when i receive a call, when I get an email reply or send an email reply/phone call and when I check out a customer specifically.

Right now for new emails I go in and add them to IS, add in the info of the vehicle they’re wanting work done on, add appropriate tags and then add a note where I will copy and paste their initial email.

I’m completely open to redoing this process or modifying it. Ideally I’d just like to make sure every lead is logged, their info is constantly updated so it’s clear where I’m at with them in the sales pipeline.

Obviously I’d like this to be as simple as possible, but thorough and teachable to somebody else. This is a new venture for me so help is definitely appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello Wills, the best tip I can give you is to work SOPs out on a LARGE piece of paper before you start creating Campaigns in IS. It is profitable only when you get things right.

Given that nobody knows your business better than you do… get yourself flip-over chart paper and make a list of all services that your company has to offer Prospects (Contact / General Information / Person Type = Prospect) with a view to a first sale. Do the same for Customers (Contact / General Information / Person Type = Customer) with a view to repeat sales. Once you have created that entire menu, put this on a time line with your ‘best selling’ stuff at the front… so you’re preparing a timeline for an automated Campaign Sequence. Never rely only on emails, add scheduled phonecall(s) or a merge letter to your Campaign, or indeed a Task for you to check Contact’s progress in their Campaign.

Given that all customers/prospects view life from the perspective of ‘what is in it for me’, you must flip the timeline you have just created over. So you re-write everything as open ‘problem’ questions, then provide a concise description with your company’s solution to this (e.g. the marketing AIDA model). This is nurturing with a view that people need some eight contacts before progressing to a sale.

Within IS Marketplace you may find useful material.

Good luck, Han (using IS behind

every lead is logged = tagging + putting your Contact in the approproate Campaign
info is constantly updated = any possible automation depends on what needs updating
where I’m at with them in the sales pipeline = use Lead Score + Task = check Contact Details / Campaigns / Active Sequences to see where they are in the Campaign(s) yopu have put Contact in…