Help Center Updates

I just wanted to share a few updates to the Help Center

  • We recently fixed an issue that caused Help Center searches to be…well…crappy. We weren’t ignoring common words in the search box, so if you prefer searching using natural language, we weren’t returning results - this has been fixed.

  • There are about 600 articles in the Help Center…33 of them are currently not searchable. This will be fixed on Monday when I get with a developer to rebuild the index. Moving forward, the index will rebuild itself, so there will never be content that isn’t searchable.

  • [FIXED] We will have a paginated search results page soonish - when you hit the “Enter” key in the search box, you will be taken to a search results page. The roadblock is a “feature” in Drupal that developers are trying to resolve. I don’t have an ETA yet. For you techies (me not included), the problem is that ‘Drupal uses “q” as a reserved query value. Algolia uses “q” or “query” but ends up changing the query to “q”’…my brain already hurts.

  • We just promoted an internal candidate to help with various social media endeavors and he is also helping me keep Help Center articles up-to-date. YAY! Shout-out to @James_Mefford.

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Just a heads up, thanks to @Carlos_Ochoa1 we now have paginated search results when you hit “Enter” in the Help Center search bar.

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