Having 2 different ecommerce checkout processes for different types of buyers

#1 We use an ecommerce Max Classic Shopping Cart integrated with our web site for clients to order and pay for products. Shipping and handling is calculated and added on at checkout. Product orders go to a 3rd party fulfillment warehouse and shipped from there. This works great for customer orders. We’ve been doing it for a year with no problems.
#2 We now want to start processing internal orders through the same third party warehouse. The only difference is that since we own the products, internal orders will not be charged for the product only for the shipping and handling.
After lots of trial and error and a call to Support I learned that I will have to build a seperate process and checkout for the internal orders. I originally thought I could just have internal orders use a promo code that 100% discounted the products. But nope its not that simple. I must use a Checkout Form/landing page and send the internal orders through that form. I understand how to create the checkout form with the products- no problem. The problem is I don’t understand how this Checkout Form is connected to the billing process that calculates the 3rd party warehouse’s shipping and handling and sends the order to the warehouse.
I want to be VERY careful that I don’t do anything to mess up the customer order process since it works so well.

Anyone have any experience with e-commerce and having 2 different checkout paths that wind up in the same place? Thanks very much for ready this whole quest and any insight you can share!

M Middaugh

Hi Meg:

The question you have posed here is very complex … kind of like asking someone to explain to you “How does math work?”. Lots and lots and lots of variables that can come into play related to your system configuration, what 3rd parties you are using, how you have your system configured, etc. It definitely isn’t something that I think anyone would be able to help you with just via the community chat, unfortunately.

You would probably need to engage a certified partner to help you get it all coordinated and worked out to be sure that it is configured properly.

That is a service that we offer. Feel free to contact me directly (Jeff@4SpotMarketing.com) and we can discuss — or maybe someone else here is available to help, but with what you have presented I couldn’t even begin to start giving you answers due to all of the potential variables that could be present. It would require a thorough review of the configuration before making any moves.