Has the date formatting changed in the API?

Hey folks.

I have new contacts added to Keap Max via Zapier. I noticed in the last couple of days that when I add data via Zapier to a custom field the day & month are getting inverted. The data in Zapier looks OK to me, and I can consistently reproduce this.

Is anyone else seeing this? Looks like it started on or slightly before March 2nd. This is the first time I see it happening.

Thanks in advance,


This doesn’t appear to be an issue on our side, as I’m unable to reproduce that behavior:

Given a DateTime Custom Field (Id 7)

Create a Contact record supplying that value for the Custom Field:

The resulting Custom Field seems to have the day and month parsed correctly (although we offset the hours to normalize to UTC zulu on returning it)

I would recommend contacting Zapier support, as the issue is probably with how they are parsing their incoming request.

Thanks for taking the time to test and check this, much appreciated. I’m off to Zapier next, although if I look at what they send, it appears to be correct.
Will share what I find out if it’s useful.