Has anyone found a good way to have customers purchase gift cards for others using Infusionsoft?

I run a clothing shop, I am looking for way that customers could potentially give a gift card? Has anyone run into this?

Thank you!

Hm… I can’t say that I personally have seen this with our e-commerce. I would be curious to see if anyone has a solution for this, and if so, what possible integration might be able to accomplish this.

The idea would be for me to go to your shopping cart, and purchase a gift card that is emailed to another person, so they could come to your cart and use it? correct?

There 's no built-in functionality in Infusionsoft, but if you are using the BigCommerce integration, you can customize and sell online “Gift Certificates” in your BigCommerce storefront.

Hello @martinc

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Fixed. Thank, @Daniel_Johnson_Jr.