Has anybody ever had to present a plan for a campaign with an aesthetically pleasing design?

I’m tasked with producing a detailed plan of an Infusionsoft campaign for a client who is unfamiliar with Infusionsoft and its inner workings. The campaign is fairly complex and the plan must be printable on a large canvas and be professional, aesthetically pleasing, as well as easy to both read and understand.

I’m finding it difficult to find a design that can represent the proposed plan since it’s hard to visually show the campaign layer and individual sequences layer interacting in a way that would make sense to a non-user. I also need to coherently explain how the tagging system will work and display the detailed task data and form field data on the canvas, among other things.

Has anybody had to do something like this before? Does anybody have any solutions or suggestions?

I’d appreciate any feedback on this and I apologise if this topic isn’t relevant enough to warrant a thread on here. I’d like to open a channel for discussion on this subject since I believe many other people will share similar issues in the future and I’d like to have something on Infusionsoft Community readily available for when they encounter them.