Google Drive Folder connected to contact

I am looking for a way to connect a Google Drive Folder to a contact - We are in Real Estate and want to have all docs associated with a Property (contact) to be available to be emailed out - etc have docs in Google Drive in the Contact record??


Hi Bill,

There are probably a few different ways to handle this, but here’s what I would do:

  1. A contact is created in Infusionsoft (or marked as a customer, etc).
  2. A google Drive Folder with their name (or company name) is created automatically.
  3. The link to that folder is stored in a custom field on the contact record, so you can click to open it whenever you like.

This would require a tool that can integrate with Google Drive (I recommend Zapier), and then you’d need a custom field (website type), which you would use to store the link to the Google Drive Folder.

Hope that helps!

Yes - I do use Zapier - So it would be a Folder for ea?

I could not assign it a File within a Folder??

I will try it out -


Bill Nazaroff
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Not 100% sure I follow. I was thinking that you’d create a folder for each contact/business, that way you could store files in “their” folder and store the link to the folder in a field on the contact record. To me that’s easier than attaching each individual file to the contact.

But maybe I’m misunderstanding, so feel free to configure in whatever way makes sense to you!

The reason I say File and not folder - is that we are in real estate how I do it now is to have 1 Folder say - “Listings” then have ea Listing as a File in 1 Folder – and the same for Buyers - So maybe I just have them as ea individual Folder if that is the way Zapier is going to do it.

Thanks Again!!

Makes sense. You could still have “Listings” as the master folder, and then create sub folders for each company. I think that’s how I’d handle it. As far as I know folders are pretty easy to create with Zapier!