Global Settings - Defaults

Is it possible to set defaults for Global Settings? I’m a local business so 99% of my customers are English Speakers on GMT London time. I’m fed up with having to update every record. Is there a way to automatically fill these fields. Thanks

Hi @Jan_Long. This is a good question. Currently, there isn’t a default ‘global setting’ ability for this. There is a chance this could be something that we develop a solution for, though.

There may a way to accomplish this, with a 3rd party plug-in, but there is not currently an out-of-the-box way to automate this.

I want to see if I could have you share some feedback with us, on our official customer feedback form @

When you fill this out, please be sure to share how this would save you time, and keep your database organized.

Hi James

I’ve just joined in using InfusionSoft and loving all the features. The Global Settings is frustrating, as we’ve recently imported several hundred contacts, all of which are UK .

Not sure if its related but the timings for tasks is all over the place and (seems) o default to East Coast time which for us in the UK is a problem. Any updates following on from your response in Aug '17? Thanks