Getting an error 640 on form submission

I’m getting an Error 640 when submitting a form from certain computers.

I’ve checked cookies, cleared cache, enabled pop-ups. But I can’t work out why some machines work, and some don’t.

It’s an old form in the Legacy section, but I just created a new form in a Campaign, and I have exactly the same issue i.e. works on some machines, not on others.

Appreciate if anyone knows where to look. Thanks.

Hi, @Martin_Millar. One of our partners, @David_Bullock, lists some of the reasons for 640 error codes here:

Other than that, I would check knownissues, then call or chat in with Support.

Hi, This issue is fixed. We are currently migrating from http to https. We have a WordPress plugin called ‘HTTP / HTTPS Remover’, which makes all web links ‘neutral’. When I disabled this plugin the issue went away, so I guess IS was getting confused by some kind of http->https redirect. I have no idea why it affected some PCs and not others.

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Hi Guys!!
I found this error was given in my case when the form is open on the browser and then copy from the browser and then shared and open on another browser.
The browser automatically add certain code to the original link.
A code similar to this “?cookieUUID=70ecce53-28d2-4a94-837f-7b7b9d13a01e” is added to the original link. When open on a diferent computer the error is given.
When removed this string the form is working correctly.
I provide customers/team a shorten bitly link so they can easily share each others.
I hope this help guys!


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