Generate a list of Contacts based on Organization Report

I’ve got a challenge that I’m hoping someone can help me with (if there is a solution to be had!)

My IS instance has contacts affiliated with companies. I want to send an email to all the contacts of a specific sub-set of my company records.

For example: pull a report on all the companies with a certain level of annual revenue (this data is collected in the company records) and then broadcast an email to all the individual contacts associated with those companies.

Is this possible?

When you go into your company list and edit the search criteria, you can use contains or equals or is greater than (depends on the data type of the custom field) to filter only those that you want in the list.

Thanks. I know how to run an Organization report. My question is whether I can get a full list of contacts associated with those organizations as an output.

Not out of the box. It can pull a set of contacts with the same company but it won’t do compound queries that group contacts by company (which is essentially what that report would need to do weather it were summary or detail). Graphly or wicked reports ‘may’ have something like that and it could certainly be done by a developer that knows the IS api outside IS but not sure of what other options there may be.