How can I pull Company fields on a report

In the system we used prior IS, we had the ability to pull in and update fields from a contacts company record. This gave us so many abilities we are missing right now on IS. One current example, I want to geotarget email campaigns based on their company billing address. While it seems that any tool for geotargeting pulls only from contacts, I was wondering whether at least there is an option to populate the “other address” field on a contact with its parent company address info, so I can pull it again from the contact. However, there doesn’t even seem to be the option of pulling the required info from a saved search…Any ideas?

Hi @Christoph_Dill!

I don’t have much experience working with the Company field or the Company record.

Nevertheless, assuming the Company has been added to Contact records, there are two ways you might go about doing this. Both of these involve doing a Mass Update on Contacts

In the first way, you could create and assign a tag based on the company or address. Then you could create a campaign to run whenever that tag is applied or create an email broadcast for just those contacts with that tag. Then do a Mass Update on contacts in that company to apply that Tag.

The other way is to do the Mass Update and add the address info to the Other Address. Note that the first address, city, state, postal code are for the Billing, the second group is for Shipping, and the third is for Other. So in this case, you’d select the third Address, City, State, and Postal Code checkboxes.

Going forward, you can have a campaign that, whenever a contact with that Company is added, the tag gets applied or the Other Address is updated (see Set Field Value)

Hope this helps.

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