Form not updating when embedded to Instapage

Do changes to forms when editing them save automatically? Do the changes in the design change automatically in the HTML code snippet? When I embed the either the JS snippet or the HTML code to my Instapage landing pages, the form doesn’t update, neither the design nor anything I add to it. How can I solve this? Thank you!

Good day Gabriel!

If you are building a form using the “Web form submitted” tool under the Campaign Builder the code will automatically update but you will not see the difference when you copy this in to your landing page until you ready and re-publish the form. This is because the form is hosted on it’s own URL and therefore nothing has actually changed until that website itself is updated!

I’m making a couple of presumptions here as to what is going on, so please let me know if this doesn’t fix your issue.


Sorry, I looked further and I hadn’t published the campaign so whatever change I made to the form wasn’t updated in my Instapage. Everything is perfect now, thank you!