Finding completed landing pages

I just created a new landing page and IS asked me if I wanted to go to the campaign builder and then there was nothing on the icon to choose from. Where can we find the completed landing pages?


Hey Keith. I can see that you popped into the chat support about this. Did you get all the info you needed?

It depends which landing page builder option you’re using, but based on your description, I think you’re using the newest builder. To access that page, you’d want to open the icon, click through to the “publish” page, and there should be a link to the hosted version of that landing page.

Is there nowhere to find all your completed landing pages in one place? Or do you have to access them all separately by the campaign you build them in?

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There isn’t a “list of landing pages” report. They’re relatively new compared to things like webforms so maybe they’ll come up with one in time but campaign by campaign is all there is to finding them right now.

Maybe one day soon! Thanks for the help!